About Us

Meet the team


Simon takes the creative and business lead at The Boffin Lab. With 22 years experience in the IT industry he has worked for companies both large and small. He started out in the world of Lotus Notes, before joining the internet crowd and building his first websites around 1996. 

He splits his time between developing the business, designing apps and building websites and is happiest when making good things better.

Outside of the lab Simon is a keen cyclist and triathlete.  If you spot him at a race please say hi and get ready to talk tech.

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Steven leads the company from a technology perspective. He has 17 years experience working in the software industry, taking lead developer roles on large software projects.  Prior to his software career he achieved a PhD in Particle Physics working on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Steven is our lead developer and is happiest up to his armpits in code.  Like all the team members he wants to make the best products he can so he is immersed in the app development community.

Outside work Steven is runner, both chasing 10K PBs and chasing after his family.

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Sue has a dual role at The Boffin Lab, she handles support requests for our apps and customers and handles the bookkeeping.  She also gets involved in testing and contributes ideas to improve both our products and those we build for our customers. Sue has worked for her family business plus other companies over the past 25 years so she bring a wealth of experience to the Lab.

When not working in the lab Sue is the busy baker, a keen ballroom dancer and proud mum.


What technologies do we work with?

App Technologies

We design and build native apps for iOS and Android.  We don't currently build for other platforms although we know some very good people if you need them.

Web Technologies

We very much believe in using the right technology for the job.  For most of our complex websites we build using the Drupal content management system.  We are also adept at Shopify for easy e-commerce.  Finally we work with frameworks and back end systems to support your apps.


What is The Boffin Lab

It's the place that we Boffins get together to make things.  In our case its our high tech shed in Berkhamsted where we can be found tinkering away inventing the future.  All our products are proudly crafted in the UK by real people.


What is a Boffin?

It all started out as a bit of banter. These days the dictionary defines a Boffin is a person engaged in scientific or technical research, possessing knowledge considered to be complex or arcane.  We quite like that, it suits us.

You can find out a bit more about the origins of the word boffin on Wikipedia.