About Us

Everything you might want to know about the Boffins

A short history of us

Steven and Simon formed The Boffin Lab in 2009. They started work in the garden shed looking for ways to exploit the emerging 'smart' technologies.

Several months later their first apps were finished and launched on the new App Stores.  Early success followed as they were featured by Apple and in the press. This led on to chart success for their first few apps.

In time they moved into a smart new office (with heating) and the lab started offering its services to others. Since then they've worked for fashion start-ups, barristers chambers, waste removal companies, smart device manufacturers through to recently working for big oil. 

Onwards and upwards.

The Boffin Lab

Since 2009 we've helped

BVRLA Trade Association
Kay Pictures Eye Test Manufacturer
Holm Fashion Start-up
SnoKart Luggage Manufacturer
TheTriLife Sports Consultancy
TORQ Energy Foods Manufacturer
XYZ Maps map-maker
Frasers Marketing Agency
Anyjunk Waste Removal
36 Bedford Row
Corsolv IT Solutions
The Motivation Agency
Howell Penny Marketing Agency
Top secret app projects....

The Directors

Simon Hemington

Simon Hemington

Simon sets the business and creative direction for The Boffin Lab.

He has over 20 years industry experience having worked for both small technology companies and giant multi-nationals. He built his first websites around 1996 and since then has been involved in making systems both big and small.

His guiding principle is always to make things that work as well as they look.

Outside of the lab Simon is a keen cyclist and triathlete.  If you spot him at a race please say hi and get ready to talk tech.

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Dr Steven Oglesby

Dr Steven Oglesby

Steven leads the technical team at the The Boffin Lab.

He has 20 years experience in the software industry, haven taken the lead developer role a number of large financial systems.  Prior to his software career he achieved a PhD in Particle Physics working on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Steven's our lead developer and is happiest coming up with simple solutions to the hardest technical problems.  Like all the team he wants to make the best products he can so he's always looking for innovations that can push us forward.

Outside work Steven is runner, currently chasing a new marathon PB when he's not chasing after his family.

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What is a Boffin?

The word Boffin originated as a bit of WWII banter.

The dictionary defines a Boffin as a person engaged in scientific or technical research, possessing knowledge considered to be complex or arcane. We quite like that, it suits us.

You can find out a bit more about the origins of the word boffin here on Wikipedia.

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