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Kay Pictures iSight Pro app

Kay Pictures Eyesight Pro App

Kay Pictures approached us wanting to replace their ageing eyesight test app with something modern.  The app had to be able to test young children and adults and be simple to use.  It was aimed at eyesight professionals and needed to be extremely accurate.

We firstly built a prototype to allow the optotype display to be validated.  Once this was working we added in the real user interface and purchasing screens.

Hazel at Kay Pictures loved the result and started using the app in the field straight away. 

Her colleague, Consultant Ophthalmologist Iain Livingstone said "The best acuity app out there.  The new Kay Pictures app is looking great.  Ideal for clinic, school screening, bedside and domiciliary testing.".

The app was launched onto the Apple App Store in December 2016 and the early feedback has been very positive.

Retail QA app dashboard Retail QA app dashboard

Retail QA App

Our client, a leading FTSE company, asked us to get involved to help them monitor the quality and service levels in their UK retail operation.

We started by looking at their current data capture process and trying to find areas it could be streamlined. The breakthrough came when we found patterns in their different area reports that enabled us to model them in a much simplified way.  We took this simplified model and built an iPad data collection app that let them:

  • Plan their quarterly activities
  • Record ad-hoc problems
  • Complete configurable checklists and record location details

The app worked both offline and online and submitted the collected data back to a cloud based reporting system.  Managers were able to see real time reports on the operation that had previously taken days to produce. Data quality improved and was collected in a more consistent and timely manner.

The client loved the system. 

They said "You've made it so simple, my kids could use it."


Featured screenshots show test data

My Shape Stylist app screenshots

My Shape Stylist app

We've been working with fashion start-up Holm Ltd for the last couple of years, developing tools to help women choose clothes that suit them.

The My Shape Stylist app takes in 12 basic parameters and runs them through a clever formula to work out their shape profile.  This is used to recommend clothes that suit their particular shape.

Clothing illustrator Lauren Bishop was tasked with producing the three hundred illustrations that feature in the app.  We incorporated these into a custom interface that make the app really easy to use.

Did it work?

The app has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and happy customers use the app regularly when they go shopping. My Shape Stylist has featured in the fashion press both here and in America and Holm Ltd continue to develop the idea into new products.

Some reviews from the app store;

"Really great app.  I finally know what shape I am", Mrshpink

"Must have app", StyleJunky

"Loving this no-nonsense app! Really great advice about what suits me and what doesn't. Cap sleeved dress? No thanks you. Deep V? Bring it on.  Sooo simple", YllogNosnibor

Postcode Atlas App screenshot Postcode Atlas App award

Postcode Atlas App

When we sat down with XYZ Maps they asked us to cram a full GIS into an iPad.  We were a little sceptical but we rose-up to the challenge.  Several months later Postcode Atlas was born - the first portable GIS tool to feature full postcode area, district and sector map data for the UK. This was the equivalent of 30 A0 maps conveniently stored and running on the iPad.

The app allowed data to be plotted against regions and was used by small businesses for tasks such as sales analysis, workforce planning and franchise organisation.

The app was awarded a Best Digital Data Product 2013 Silver at the international Map Industry Awards in Leuven, Belgium.

Stroke Builder App screenshot

Stroke Builder app

In late 2011 we worked closely with TheTriLife to produce this definitive guide to front crawl swimming. The iPhone and iPad app breaks the swimming stroke down into techniques, faults and drills.

The app features fantastic videos, taken at TheTriLife’s Kent HQ, by filmmaker Barney Greenwood and voice-overs by Olympic coach Dan Salcedo.

Does the app work?

Liz at TheTriLife certainly thinks so.  She's thrilled with the results and uses the app every week to teach swimming technique.

Thousands of athletes worldwide have downloaded the app. Take a look at some recent reviews;

"This app is excellent, it covers all of the issues that I as a beginner am encountering and helping to eliminate them. My swimming is coming on leaps and bounds. In addition there is an extremely attentive back room support team to help with problems.", Mickeykav

"Great detailed videos. Like the videos showing bad and good positions. It's very helpful!", RM

"Downloaded this to improve my very beginner technique and have been impressed with the quality of the videos and the descriptions. Good investment!", TM

Take a look yourself on the App Store.

Time to Roast app screenshots Time to roast app awards

Time to Roast app

In 2010, the Boffins designed and created this easy to use cooking app. The app calculates the roasting time for seven different meats and features a custom interface. It was originally created for iPhone and then updated first for iPad and again for iOS7.

The app is a regular in the food and drink charts every winter and reached number 1 on Christmas day 2010 and 2011.

Time to Roast has been featured in many publications and websites in the UK and USA; these include T3 magazine, the Independent Newspaper, the Channel 4 website to name just a few.

The latest version is available on the App store.

User Comments

"Perfect roast (5 out of 5), Great app, makes it easy to calculate a perfect roast" by Insortediaboli
"Great app (5 out of 5), Very useful and easy to use - does exactly what it says it does!!" by SueRich
"Just what I need (5 out of 5), No more burnt dry chicken, great app" by Christopher Porter

See more on the app's website

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